GRK Fresh is a fast casual restaurant specializing in authentic Greek food. GRK has been in business for six years and we have locations in NYC, D.C. and Dubai.

What was the problem/challenge you were trying to solve before starting with 9Fold?

We were looking for a one-stop area for our guests to place orders and for our managers to be able to handle admin issues or adjustments easily online

Do you have any experience with other flat rate (commission free) online ordering providers? If yes, how does your experience compare?

YES. There are a lot companies now doing ordering in different ways (usually commission based) but 9Fold is by far one on the best platforms we have worked with for multiple reasons – They constantly evolve around our latest needs and if you need their help, the team at 9Fold is the best around which is everything.

What has been the result since signing up with 9Fold?

If I were to just bullet point the key areas I’d say increased sales, better record keeping, better guest reaction and the best support. But all these points rely on one another.

What would you say to another restaurateur considering the service?

To shop around and then look at 9Fold, you will not be disappointed with the results.

What was the reason you chose 9Fold as your branded online ordering partner? What is most important to you: Platform, service, price, marketing, reputation or other?

I had 9Fold at a previous restaurant concept I was with, when I moved to GRK they were one of the first calls I made to have on board.

What is the benefit and/or result you have felt from 9Fold’s automated marketing?

Customer service, any time you need it.