Penelope is a café, bakery, and bar. We also describe it as a worn in welcome mat, your favorite pair of flip flops, and a warm hug when you’re missing home. At our core we are American Comfort food with a twist. My partner Jennifer Potenza opened Penelope 14 years ago. Penelope is a time-capsule/freeze-frame of the inside of her heart… and now mine. I’ve been at her side for 13 years.

What was the problem/challenge you were trying to solve before starting with 9Fold?

Working in an old-world industry being dragged kicking and screaming into the new world means adapting. Online ordering seemed like an intimidating change from orders in our the phone not too many years ago. That having been said, there was clearly a flaw in the process when the phone would be ringing off the hook and you could only handle one order at a time… we needed to grow.

Do you have any experience with other flat rate (commission free) online ordering providers? and how does your experience compare?

YES. 9Fold was our first love. We were with them for years and didn’t really have issues at all. Then… we were, for a time, drawn away from 9Fold by a shiny new toy promising new bells and whistles (a “Penelope” app, a new iPad, glitzy marketing campaigns…). They were okay, though they had a feel of “too much funding, too little connection with the restaurant partners themselves.” It wasn’t long before we missed our old friends at 9Fold.

Have you had our competitors knock on your door? If so, what did you tell them?

Once we found our way back to 9Fold it was a lock. I’m now acutely away of the trappings of a well-honed sales pitch. The intro and on-boarding process are always dreamy and smooth… and then your “rep” disappears. 9Fold was smooth from the start and I have never once felt left in the lurch by them.

What has been the result since signing up with 9Fold?

9Fold has continued to proactively work with us to attract customers away from 3rd party commission-based online order sites. They have become sincere partners and it’s shocking the amount of work they do on your behalf with nothing but their own passion and drive on the line.

What would you say to another restaurateur considering the service?

Work with them. Sign on and never look back. In an industry of tighter and tighter margins every cent counts. 9Fold will work for you in a way no other service will.

What was the reason you chose 9Fold as your branded online ordering partner? What is most important to you: Platform, service, price, marketing, reputation or other?

Service. Service. Service. Yes, the platform is solid, the price is incomparable, they work with you to help you market yourself and their own reputation is great… but their service to their clients is beyond anything.

Is there anything you like to add?

I’ve learned a lot and I’m a better business owner as a result of my time with 9fold. I can’t say that about many of my other vendor relationships. They will be a permanent piece of our strategy going forward and I’d recommend the same to anyone out there.

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