01. Customers Place orders

Make Online Ordering Easy For Your Customers! Give your customers the ability to easily order from:

Your Website

Mobile Phones


Your Facebook Page

Our system comes packed with restaurant centric features designed to encourage loyalty.

Highlighted Features

02. Receive orders easily

You decide how you want to receive your orders. Our flexible platform accommodates a variety of options.

  • Tablet/ Dashboard
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Receipt Printers
  • SMS

03. Credit card transactions processed and
deposited 5days/week.

We don’t hold your money ransom.

Once payments are processed, we make payouts daily without hidden fees or agendas.

Our team issues any refunds and voids on your behalf and you won’t be left holding the bag on chargebacks as we assume full responsibility.

04. Control all aspects your ordering

You Are In Complete Control With Our Easy To Use Administrator Dashboard

• Hours

• Delivery/Pickup Times

• Discounts/Promotions

• Pictures

• Sales and Customer Reports

• Menu

05. Marketing You

Our system comes packed with built in marketing tools to help you in marketing your restaurant, promote new business and encourage repeat customers.

9Fold clients are armed with a restaurant marketing kit that helps drive customers directly to their respective websites. By creating a consistant restaurant marketing voice, our restaurateurs are able to convert customers’ from their old habits to #DIRECT customers by offering customized incentives that keep them coming back for more.

01. Marketing Consultants

02. Explore Online/Offline Proven Marketing Strategies

03. Execute and Track ROI

Online ordering system for restaurants in action – (EM)Powering their brand online.

Not all software is created equal – An online ordering system should always put YOUR brand first and offer a full support system to back it up. See some of our latest work – tap a restaurant logo below to get a taste of our live menu functionality.