How are you converting users

away from commission-based

ordering platforms?


The average 9Fold powered restaurant converts 25% of 3rd party online orders after the first 90 days.


(No Credit Card Needed – 30 Day Trial)


Restaurant concepts of all kinds tap into the power of online brand enhancement by 9Fold

9Fold - Al Horno
9Fold - Lombardis New York
9Fold - Harry's Italian
9Fold - Tao Uptown
9Fold - Sarge's Delicatessen
9Fold - GRK Fresh Greek
9Fold - Chirping Chicken
9Fold - Bombay Sandwich Co.

Improve your restaurant’s online operations

9Fold Powered Restaurants Enjoy a Custom Branded Online Ordering System:

  • Zero Commission Deductions
  • Zero Contract Obligation
  • Responsive Support & Built-in Marketing On Autopilot

Mo money, less problems.

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9Fold - Restaurant Branding

Branded Online Ordering

9Fold - Automated Email Marketing for Restaurants

Built in Marketing on Auto-pilot




Restaurant Online Ordering System

Web, Responsive & Mobile Ordering

A restaurant online ordering system designed with customer behavior in mind. Your menu automatically adapts to the device of their choice – tablet, smartphone or computer. No stretching screens or downloading apps, just quick ordering with built in benefits.

Dedicated Dashboard Management

Dedicated Dashboard Management

Receive orders, change/update menus, edit hours and manage a delivery zone in minutes from different devices. If you’re pressed for time, our support team offers unlimited changes on the fly at no extra cost.

Promo Tools and Social Engagement

Promo Tools and Social Engagement

Encourage loyalty and provide customized incentives. An easy to use coupon tool will allow you to reward customers within your personal dashboard or enlist the unlimited support from our team. Receive feedback directly from your customers and promote social engagement with our built in social tools.

24/7 Order Monitoring

24/7 Order Monitoring

No fear – 9Fold’s restaurant online ordering system is more than just some impersonal stack of computer software.  Our friendly (human) customer service team monitors all incoming orders around the clock to guarantee you won’t miss an order.

Email Marketing as a Standard

Email Marketing as a Standard

Email marketing on auto-pilot comes off the shelf, no extra cost. We’ll create the email with your brand as the guideline, the rest is handled by our FullRail marketing system based on your customer order data history.

Driving the Data

Driving the Data

This is our tech Jiu Jitsu. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker’s energy against him, rather than directly opposing it.

Thin margins require sharp eyes on the data and a plan to put that data to use. Over 75% of online orders are from repeat customers, join the hundreds of restaurant brands that decided to stop paying commission on their loyal repeat customers.