Online Ordering

Deliver the smoothest online ordering experience for your customers.

A fully branded online ordering menu for your restaurant.


Customized for Your Brand

Your online ordering menu can be fully branded for your restaurant to create a seamless customer experience from end to end.


Easy to Manage In-House

Now you and your staff don’t have to waste time fiddling with complicated software to service your online ordering business.


Works With Your Existing Tech

Got other software and hardware that you love? No problem. We’ve got an integration (or two, or three…) for that.


Smooth Experience for Customers

Ease of use is key when it comes to getting your customers to order directly from you instead of all those 3rd-party apps.

Designed to be brand-first — your brand.

Customize your logos, fonts, colors, and photo layouts to best represent your restaurant. We’ll link your menu to your website and then optimize everything so diners can find you online more easily.

The end result provides you with the best way to drive revenue and provide visitors with a seamless ordering experience.

Easy In-House Order Handling

With 9Fold, orders are handled seamlessly on any desktop, laptop, or tablet. View your incoming orders, get up-to-date reports, and easily update your menu on the fly through your admin dashboard.

You can also receive orders via the Android-based 9Fold Order Management app connected to your existing printer network.

Brand Booster — Included On Every Account

Want to take your customization to the next level? Leverage custom-designed transactional emails and even customize your SMS confirmation messages for end-to-end brand control.

Branded Confirmation Emails

Consistency is key when it comes to providing a seamless ordering experience for your customers. At your request, our team can design a beautifully branded confirmation email template that will help you stick the landing after every online order is processed.

Custom SMS Confirmations

Confirm your customers’ online orders with style. You can now customize the text message that they receive when their order is confirmed using text, an image, or both to match your branding.

Integrations available for 20+ POS systems.

Need a more robust solution to connect all of your existing software and hardware? Let us know!

Online Ordering Management

Ease of Use for Your Customers

User experience is our #1 priority when it comes to helping restaurants compete for their own business.


No matter the device, your customers will be able to navigate your restaurant’s online ordering menu with ease.

Easy Ordering and Re-ordering

One-click re-ordering will remind customers what they’ve ordered in the past, including notes or preferences.

One-Click Payments

The online ordering process just got even easier with 9Fold’s Apple Pay and Google Pay options.


Image-Centric Menu Layouts

Everyone shops with their eyes, especially when it comes to food. Add and update mouthwatering, hi-res photos to your online ordering menu straight from the 9Fold dashboard, or let us do it for you at no extra cost!

Changing menu layouts is also a breeze, so you don’t have to be married to one style.

traditional online ordering menu for 9Fold

Traditional Style

online ordering menu with pictures and images

Catering Style

online ordering modifier images

Menu Item Pop-Up

Promo & Coupon Code Creation

Creating restaurant promos and coupons should be simple, yet robust. And those promos should be easy for your customers to use, too!

Go beyond the basics with an online ordering system that allows you to schedule promos in advance, customize coupons by percentage/dollar amount spent, set rules for specific items purchased, and much more.


restaurant promotion and discount tool
applying a discount on 9fold from customer view


Access and update your restaurant coupons and promos on your own from our cloud-based dashboard, or have our team do it for you at no extra cost.


Creating coupons or promos within the 9Fold dashboard opens up a world of options that will allow you to track which promos work better than others.


Based on your customers’ average ticket sizes, we’ll guide you on how to increase direct orders by extending certain offers. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help!

Own a Restaurant? Book a Demo!

If you need help with food orders that have been placed with a restaurant, please contact the restaurant directly.