Restaurant Loyalty Program

Keep ’em coming back for more with sweet rewards and gamification.

Reward your most loyal customers with RocketBucks*.

* Or whatever you want to name your loyalty program!

9Fold’s built-in loyalty tool gives customers a reason to order direct more often. With “cash back” redeemable on every order, we use gamification to reward repeat business.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Through gamification and customizable reward settings, you can compete with the rewards given by 3rd-party platforms.

Increase Your Profit Margin

No more blanket discounts. Rocketbucks will help create more VIP customers all while increasing your bottom line.

NEW! Customize Your Program

You can now customize the name and icon for your Rocketbucks loyalty program to be completely branded for your restaurant.

How It Works

1. Set it up.

Use RocketBucks straight out of the box, or customize ’em with your own name and logo to match your branding.

2. Gamify it.

Set the value of your RocketBucks on items ordered and set goals for your customers to encourage repeat ordering.

3. Eat and repeat.

Customers can choose whether to use ’em now or save ’em up to receive a bonus once the goal is achieved.

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