How 9Fold Works

Designed to get more customers ordering directly from you online more often.

Restaurant software made by restaurant people.

We’re in the business ourselves. We know how time-consuming it can be to manage your online ordering and properly market your restaurant, all while running your business day to day.

That’s why we designed 9Fold — to make your life easier, and make you more money.

Manage Your Online Ordering

Receive orders, change/update menus, edit hours, and manage delivery zones from different devices. If you’re pressed for time, our support team offers unlimited changes on the fly at no extra cost.

Get Customers to Order Direct

Our custom, done-for-you SMS and email messages incentivize customers to order directly from you online more often. That means no more 3rd-party commissions eating up your bottom line.

Drive Loyalty & Repeat Business

With “cash back” redeemable on every order, we use gamification to encourage your most loyal customers to achieve a goal — set by your restaurant — and get rewarded so they keep coming back for more.

Zero Commissions = More Money in Your Pocket

Sign up for 9Fold and ditch the third-party commission fees that eat into your bottom line.

9Fold Online Ordering


What’s Included:

Branded Online Ordering Menus
Easy-to-Use Management Dashboard
Customizable Loyalty Program
Dedicated Restaurant Success Manager
24/7/365 Customer Support

* Does not include standard processing fees.

White-Glove Restaurant Marketing Add-On


DoorDash Delivery Fulfillment Add-On


Restaurants of all types tap into the power of 9Fold:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive orders?

You can receive orders via desktop, tablet, email, text, fax, automated phone call, and/or your POS (ask us which ones we integrate with). Let us know what you prefer and we’ll work with you.

Oh, and if you are worried about missing an order, our customer service team monitors all orders in real time and will call you if  something is sitting longer than usual.

Will my customers need to download an app or go to to place orders?

Customers place orders directly on your restaurant’s website using our built-in software widget, custom-made for your brand. If your customers are on mobile or tablet, their experience is tailored for that screen size (fully responsive) without the need to download an app.

Do you develop apps for restaurants?

We create apps on a request basis. We would only suggest a custom restaurant app if you have 10+ locations, as user acquisition and retention can prove difficult for smaller operators.

Will a branded online ordering system really work for my restaurant?

Honestly, it depends.

If you can check at least one of the following, we’ll be a good fit:

✅ You are super busy with pick-up and delivery business coming from online 3rd parties that charge you commission on every order

✅ You have high ratings on review sites like Yelp or Google

✅ You want your brand to be what the customer sees first

3rd-party apps are powerhouses. How can I compete to get that business directly?

Usability and marketing is a top priority for us. People order from 3rd-party apps because they’re easy. If you really want to compete and take ownership of your to-go business, you’ll need a platform that is as user-friendly as the big guys and can facilitate repeat orders with built-in marketing. That’s us!

Does it cost extra to get paid more often?

Put simply, no. We process payments on your behalf and set your schedule from the onset to allow you to choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly automatic payments. Should you decide to change from daily to monthly or vice versa, that’s a flip of a switch.

Will customers actually search for and ORDER from my restaurant website directly?

This is a common concern. It starts with being properly set up to be found by your customers online. Many restaurants (even if they have a website) are unfortunately outranked on Google and can’t be found easily. 

Our mission is to keep you looking good online, attract your repeat loyal customers to order direct, and then complete the circle by enticing them to come back time after time to your online ordering page with our built-in, data-driven marketing tools.

What if I don’t get any orders? Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

This not a “gotcha” service. If, at the end of a month, you see your sales reports don’t justify having our system, we won’t charge you. The math is usually quite simple and we’ll send it to you automatically to review daily, weekly, or monthly. Considering we have no contract beyond 30 days, we wouldn’t be in business if this system didn’t work!

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