What is ChowNow doing to help you convert customers from 3rd party platforms ?


Restaurants that made the switch from ChowNow to 9Fold have seen *25-150% increased customer conversion/retention rates after just 45 days post-switch. *Data based off studies conducted on 10 independent restaurants within NYC.

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Generic branding 

Fit your restaurants branding

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Multiple ways to display menus & images

No built-in loyalty programs

Built-in loyalty tool gives customers a reason to order direct more often.

With “cash-back” redeemable on every order, we use gamification to encourage users to achieve a goal set by the restaurant to receive even greater rewards.

No built-in marketing

Build repeat business and top-of-mind brand recognition with built-in marketing.

Our smart marketing targets your users based on their order frequency and spend, all on auto-pilot.

I really made a great decision to change to 9Fold, my customers are 5X more likely to order with my 9Fold system than they were with chownow, making it possible to convert a big chunk of grubhub orders.

Vicky Dalva – Owner


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