We’re a vegan, vegetarian, kosher and gluten free cafe that specializes in making everything from scratch without any processed ingredients. We roast and grind our own spices in small batches and have become famous for our hot sauce, which is a recipe from my mother’s farm in India. We’ve won numerous awards from “Best Vegan Sandwich” to “Best Bowls” to “Best New Indian Fast Casual Restaurant” and of course “Best Chai in Manhattan”.

What was the problem/challenge you were trying to solve before starting with 9Fold?

We had worked with another company that just took a couple more steps each time we had to confirm an order, which was annoying and unnecessarily slowed our operations down. The best part of 9fold is that it integrates with Homer Logistics, which is the delivery company we outsource all of our orders to. So 9fold is just a lot easier and quicker to use, and their customer service is excellent.

Do you have any experience with other flat rate (commission free) online ordering providers? and how does your experience compare?

YES. 9fold’s order confirmation is much more streamlined and time-saving.

Have you had our competitors knock on your door? If so, what did you tell them?

Take a hike!

What has been the result since signing up with 9Fold?

Smoother operations and increased efficiency. And I love that we can see how many times a customer has purchased from us at the bottom of each order receipt.

What would you say to another restaurateur considering the service?

9fold’s customer service and unique features makes this a no brainer.

What was the reason you chose 9Fold as your branded online ordering partner? What is most important to you: Platform, service, price, marketing, reputation or other?

Service and Marketing