Ceetay Restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant located in the south Bronx and it bring something very unusual to the neighborhood . Ceetay is open now for 5 years and everyday more new people are finding us and they keep coming back.

What was the problem/challenge you were trying to solve before starting with 9Fold?

Before starting with 9Fold, I was looking for a way to save time on deliveries and not have to work so hard the moment an order came in. On top of that of course I also was looking for a way to attract my customers to order more frequently.

What has been the result since signing up with 9Fold?

The time savings has a huge value to me and I have people ordering more frequently now without me having to think about it. The system keeps me in contact with my customers and actually helps me analyze information which has become helpful for the continued success of my business.

What would you say to another restaurateur considering the service?

I would say it makes sense for anyone looking to grow in a smart way and get more value for there money.

What was the reason you chose 9Fold as your branded online ordering partner? What is most important to you: Platform, service, price, marketing, reputation or other?

The reason(s) I chose 9fold (and there are a lot of them) was first and foremost the customer service. This sort of goes back to the point of time savings becuase I never have to wait on the phone more then 30 sec with them if i need them and when I have a problem they are on top of it immediately. The price for there service is priceless compared to other companies in this space. 9fold also comes up with great, “out of the box” ideas for marketing which I love.

Any other tips or notes you’d like to add (good, bad or indifferent)?

I need to emphasize this once more- 9fold is a company that cares about the customer more that they care about how much money they make, that’s how I feel as a customer and that says a lot about them. They have helped me increase deliveries by 50% since signing on 2 years ago.