Partners & Affiliates


We partner with a variety of industry-related businesses and freelancers – please reach out if you feel your product or client base aligns with ours.


In order to protect our brand and current client base, we are selective in choosing partners – please provide us with a brief background, why you feel we should work together, and the most important reason you work with restaurants.

E: Its@9fold.me


It Just Works.

Automatically receive 3rd party orders directly to your POS. As your online sales grow your cost will always stay the same.


How it all comes together

As the bridge between third-party online ordering systems and your restaurant’s POS system, Chowly eliminates the need for manual order entry. The result: Less hassle, lower labor costs, greater accuracy of orders and quicker delivery times.

Born in the kitchen out of necessity.

OrderMark understands your restaurant’s needs because they are restaurant people, they are offering products and services that help restaurants adapt to changing consumer trends and technology.

Anything, anytime, anywhere. Postmate it.

Powering on-demand logistics through our partnership. Integrate a world class local delivery platform into your own direct online ordering system.