Restaurant Online Ordering System

Branded Restaurant Online Ordering


Our restaurant online ordering system is designed to be brand first, your brand. We take the time to build out a design around your restaurant, customizing the fonts, colors, and photo layouts that best represent your restaurants concept. Once all is agreed upon, we’ll link our software to your existing website and optimize your restaurants website to best SEO practices. The end result provides your restaurant with the best way to drive direct online ordering revenue and provide your visitors with an easy to use ordering experience.


Branded Online Ordering System

Easy In-house Order Handling 

Orders are easily handled on any Desktop, PC, or Tablet.


Receive orders via the Android based 9Fold Order Management App connected to your existing printer network


POS integration now available for 20+ POS systems

Online Ordering Management
A woman using our restaurant online ordering systems

Ease Of Use For Your Customers

National 3rd party platforms (ie. GrubHub, UberEats) have mastered the art of ease-of-use and in large part, the reason users are continuously using their restaurant online ordering systems.  Ease-of-use and the user experience is the priority for 9Fold when it comes to helping restaurants compete for their own business.

Restaurants using the 9Fold online ordering system boast an average of 25% customer conversion rate from their 3rd party partners, clearly illustrating the point that customers will change their buying habits if it’s convenient and easy to use.

responsive online ordering system


No matter the hardware (computer, tablet or phone) your restaurant online ordering system will have a beautifully displayed menu while maintaining ease-of-use as a prime factor.

passwordless online ordering system for restaurants

Password Free Login

In order to compete with popular third party restaurant online ordering systems, simplicity is   key. The 9Fold system provides optional password free sign-in by way of SMS for added ease of use and extra security.

easy reorder function for online ordering

Easy Ordering and Re-ordering

The 9Fold restaurant online ordering system offers a simple re-order button so users don’t have to think twice. One click re-order will remind customers what they had for dinner yesterday, and the day before as well as any notes or preferences.

Image-Centric Menu Layout

We all shop with our eyes, especially when it comes to food. 9Fold’s restaurant online ordering system allows you to upload hi-res food photos throughout your menu whether it be for your specials, best sellers, or throughout the entire menu. Images of your food will invite users to try foods they may be otherwise unfamiliar with, leading to higher spending averages per ticket and happier repeat customers who are eager to come back to see what new things you have to offer in the future.

Don’t take our word for it… “Restaurants that use photos are able to increase orders by an average of 13%” – GrubHub Learning Center

Flexibility – Access and update menu images on your own from the cloud-based dashboard or assign it to our reps to have it done for you 24/7 at no extra cost.

Customization –  menu photos are not one size fits all. 9Fold’s restaurant online ordering systems allow the freedom of choosing from two distinctly different photo layouts which display appropriately according the device of your customers. Changing layouts is as easy as a switch of a button from your dashboard so you don’t have to be married to a style.

traditional online ordering menu for 9Fold

Traditional Style

online ordering menu with pictures and images

Catering Style

online ordering modifier images

Menu Item Pop-Up

Pro tip: You can even mix and match photo styles within your menu.  Have your “special” dishes in catering style followed by traditional style photos for other items, making for a really sharp online ordering system layout that stands out from the pack.

Promo & Coupon Code Creation – Simple Yet Robust

Creating restaurant promos and coupons for your restaurant online ordering system should be simple, yet robust. It should also be simple to use for your customers while they are placing orders in order to drive repeat customer loyalty. Go beyond the basics with a system that allows you to schedule promos in advance, customize coupons by percentage/dollar amount spent, set rules for specific items purchased, and much more.


Access and update your restaurant coupons and promo section on your own from the cloud based dashboard or assign it to our reps to have it done for you 24/7 at no extra cost.


 Robust means robust. Creating coupons or promos within your restaurant online ordering system dashboard opens up a world of options that will allow you to track what promos are working better than others

restaurant promotion and discount tool
applying a discount on 9fold from customer view

% OFF vs $ OFF – Choose from percentage off or dollar off total amounts to keep things fresh across different advertising avenues.

First Time Customer Automatic – Recognize new customers automatically during checkout and give them a reason to try you out. The system will make sure your “new” customers are actually new, and you will see the number of times they’ve ordered at the top of each order from there on out.

Front-End Popup – Increase order size and overall visibility of your promos with our “front-end” promo popup. Customers will see the incentive to increase their spend up front to meet their promo goal.

Coupon at Checkout – Use the traditional method of allowing users to enter a coupon at checkout.

Item-Specific – Set promos specific to certain items or make promos only available when other items are purchased.

Menu & Time/Date Specific – Set promos specific to certain menus or to certain days/times of the week all on auto pilot.

Flash Sale – Create urgency to drive sales  (often used within social media).

Increase Average Ticket – Based on users average tickets we teach restaurants how to increase their average ticket by extending certain offers

Pro tip: Mix and match a few different types of promos simultaneously and track what’s working best. For example, you can use code-specific coupons on a Google post or post mailer while advertising a different code on social media or in your to-go bags to see where your customers are spending their time and making decisions most. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

Brand Booster 

Branded Confirmation Emails

Branded Domains


Email Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Smart emails drive engagement and gain more results, all hands free.  The 9Fold restaurant online ordering system comes equipped with emails that target customers who have become stagnant and entice those users back to order from your restaurant  with an email theme based around your brand and message.

Targeted Messaging 

Messages are sent to specific user groups based on their order frequency.

Nurture Loyalty and be “Top-of-Mind” 

The industry giants (3rd party portals) are continuously engaging with your customers.  Stay top-of-mind and encourage loyalty without lifting a finger.

Creates Urgency 

Our incentives are created to be valid for 72 hours, creating urgency and providing results.

restaurant email marketing reminders
restaurant email feedback tool

Restaurant Feedback Tool

You can’t be at all places at all times. 9Fold powered restaurant online ordering systems have smart feedback built-in to get in front of negative online restaurant reviews by inviting feedback and sending it to restaurant management. After every order, we direct the conversation by setting a two-way path based on how your customer responds.  If there is room to improve we provide a form that goes to management.  If a customer says they would recommend your restaurant to friends, we invite them to share their experience on social media.


  • Receive negative feedback first with the opportunity to correct before it goes straight to social media
  • Increase social followers and engagement
  • Allow your customers to feel heard and minimize negative public feedback
restaurant social management feedback tool
how to handle negative feedback for restaurant